Ten Propane-Fueled Buses and Propane Fueling Station to be Installed Using State Grants Awarded to NPSD

The North Penn School District (NPSD) will be rolling in energy efficiency and cost savings this spring as it implements its recently awarded grants totaling more than $600,000 to purchase 10 propane-fueled school buses and install a propane fueling station.

The use of propane fuel rather than diesel for school buses is cleaner for both student riders and the environment, quieter and more cost-efficient. Last fall, NPSD Chief Financial Officer Steve Skrocki worked with NPSD Coordinator of Transportation Nicholas Kraynak to apply for several grants in pursuit of propane-fueled buses. NPSD applied for grants to fund 10 propane buses - the maximum number allowed for application at one time - through the Department of Environmental Protection's Driving PA Forward - Onroad Rebate Program. The district was notified in early January that all 10 grants were approved, totaling in $459,400 to purchase propane-fueled buses. A portion of the funds available for the grants are from the $118 million settlement from Volkswagen. The purpose of the grant program is to replace, repower or retrofit fleet diesel-powered trucks, buses and other vehicles and equipment under the Pennsylvania State Clean Diesel Grant program.

"By transitioning these 10 vehicles from diesel to propane-powered fuel, the district will displace approximately 28,600 gallons of diesel fuel per year, " said Kraynak. "In addition to the financial benefits of propane, such as reduced fuel and maintenance costs, it also burns clean. By reducing the overall greenhouse emissions of our fleet, students, staff and the entire North Penn community will reap the environmental benefits. "

In addition to the grant money for buses, the district was also awarded $155,302 through the Department of Environmental Protection's Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant. This program helps to create new markets for alternative fuels in Pennsylvania which enhances energy security. The money awarded from the Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant will fund the installation of a propane fueling station at North Penn.

NPSD plans to continue the partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to work to transition as many buses as possible to propane-fueled vehicles. "Once we take delivery of the 10 propane-fueled buses and take 10 diesel-fueled buses out of service, we can apply for funding for another 10 propane buses, " said Skrocki. "10 is the maximum you can receive at one time. "

NPSD thanks the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for these generous grants and looks forward to providing safer, more energy efficient and less costly transportation for students in the district.

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