Meet the Administrative Team

Megan McGee-Heim, Director of Special Education

Coordinates Special Education, Gifted and Section 504 Services Districtwide

Contact Ms. McGee-Heim
[email protected]
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Dr. Neil Broxterman, Supervisor of Special Education

  • NPHS (A-K)
  • Northbridge/Virtual Academy (Secondary)


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[email protected]


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Ms. Nicholle Dorsch, Supervisor of Special Education

  • North Penn High School (L-Z)
  • ESY (Secondary)

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[email protected]


Wes Heinel, Supervisor of Special Education

  • Gwyn Nor Elementary
  • Walton Farm Elementary
  • Pennbrook Middle School 
  • Early Intervention


Contact Mr. Heinel

 [email protected] 


Christine Mueller, Supervisor of Special Education

  • Inglewood Elementary School
  • Hatfield Elementary
  • North Wales Elementary
  • Early Intervention


Contact Ms. Mueller

[email protected]


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Cara Weinberg, Supervisor of Special Education

  • Kulp Elementary
  • Montgomery Elementary
  • North Wales Elementary
  • Early Intervention


Contact Ms. Weinberg
[email protected]



Christine Kelly, Supervisor of Special Education 

  • Bridle Path Elementary
  • Oak Park Elementary
  • Nash Elementary
  • PASA
  • Early Intervention


Contact Mrs. Kelly

[email protected]


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Jamie Rivera, Supervisor of Special Education

  • Penndale Middle School
  • Pennfield Middle School
  • Out of District (Middle Level) 
  • ESY (Secondary)


Contact Ms. Rivera 

[email protected] 


Tiffany D'Amore, Supervisor of Special Education


  • York Elementary
  • Knapp Elementary
  • Out of District Placements
  • Related Services (OT, PT, Speech, Vision, Hearing)
  • Early Intervention


Contact Ms. D'Amore

[email protected]


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