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This page contains announcements and resources for coaches.
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See below for information about scheduling team meetings.
OM Passport Guide for Coaches
   *** NEW ***  OM Passport Guide for Coaches

 Coaches' Checklist   *Updated October 04, 2023

 Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide is a great resource for coaches.
It contains a wealth of information about coaching, training your team, preparing for
competition, completing forms and more! 

2023-24 OM Problem Synopses
To download the
full problem statements, go to, click on Teams, Member Resources and login to "Members Area" using your school membership number and zip code.

Check out the Odyssey Academy, a series of videos that thoroughly explain OM;
from brainstorming to long-term problems to style!   

The Role of the Coach
What is Outside Assistance?
Coaching Tips and Suggestions
Safety Procedures
Parent Permission Form

Out of the Box

Find time to practice Spontaneous Problem Solving
with your team at least once a week - it's worth it!

All parent volunteers are required to obtain clearances and submit
paperwork to the North Penn School District.  All coaches and parents
who spend time with the team must have current clearances.

Please click here for more information about clearances 

Scheduling Team Meetings. * If expectations are not met, privilege may be revoked to use np facilities

To reserve space in a district school for an Odyssey of the Mind team meeting, the coach should email [email protected]  Requests should be sent well in advance, at least one week before your requested meeting start date.  In the email, specify the building, the frequency of the meetings, and a date (include both start and end dates, if planning long term). You will be given a "permit" to hold your meeting in a specific building, at a specific day/time.  Bring a copy of the permit to meetings so that you have documentation that you have reserved the space. During meetings, your team members must be supervised at all times and must behave as they would be expected to behave while they are in school during the day, with responsibility and respect; supplies not belonging to the team must not be used and personal property must not be touched.  The facility should be left exactly as it was found; do not leave anything behind (trash, supplies, clothing items, etc).  Clean up any mess you make, however small. Your team's behavior while using North Penn facilities reflects on the NP OM program, either positively or negatively.  Please be sure that your team is a proud representation of Odyssey of the Mind.  If you cancel a meeting, please email [email protected] as soon as possible to let them know your team will not be using the facility that evening; staff members are expecting you and are planning their schedule around your meeting. Please be considerate of the building custodians' time.


Suggested Reading for OM Coaches and Parents

More Questions?
This book is a great resource for inquiring coaches! At $18, it's well worth the investment!
What Now, Coach?

From SEPOM Coaches' Training:

Team Dynamics Top 10 List
Team Contract
Coaching Creative Problem Solving
Coaching Tips
Team Building Tarp Flip



How To Register a Team for the
Southeast PA OM Regional Competition

*Information will be posted when registration opens