Superintendent's Honor Roll Awards

Michelle Darde and Megan Schoppe Named to Superintendent's Honor Roll
Posted on 01/16/2020
Photo of Megan Schoppe, Michelle Darde and Dr. Dietrich

Dr. Dietrich presented the first of this year’s Superintendent’s Honor Roll Awards to not one, but two deserving employees at North Penn High School. This award is given each year to nominated and selected employees who dedicate their time and talent in ways that go above and beyond. Because of their commitment, North Penn is a better place.

Congratulations to the first two award recipients, Michelle Darde and Megan Schoppe!

Described by colleagues as “the ultimate team player,” Michelle Darde is an enormous asset to the school district. She is known as someone that you can always count on when you have a question, no matter when or where.

Michelle is coming up on her 8th year anniversary at North Penn this spring. Though her official title here at the high school is “Assessment and Data Retrieval Secretary,” she has been described as the “Scheduling Guru” and the “Computer and Scheduling Genius.” Michelle is an incredibly calming force in the craziness of course selection, overrides, credits and periods needed, trailing grades, and so much more. She checks every high school course entry, teacher recommendation and student entry with expert knowledge and does it with a smile. That is 3,000 students x 8 courses x 6 recommendations; a total of 144,000 pieces of information... and that’s just for each student's first course selection made!

Michelle’s wizard-like scheduling abilities are matched by her expertise in technology. She is at the forefront of any software issues, constantly attending trainings and professional development opportunities to better herself and those with whom she works.

Administrators and secretaries have all utilized Michelle’s technology expertise throughout the years here in the NPSD. If a problem can't be solved, you will always hear "call Michelle Darde, she will know,"...and she always does! She gives screenshots, arrows, diagrams, narratives... anything to help her colleagues understand the complex world of student maintenance systems. Sharing her answer with others is always emphasized by saying, "Michelle said it works best this way." And everyone nods in agreement.

Michelle is always willing to help her colleagues and she NEVER makes you feel bad for asking her questions. It was said by one of her nominators that she is an enormous asset to the school district, and a rare gem of a person. We truly don't know where this district would be without her.

Photo of Michelle Darde and Dr. Dietrich

Ironically, the next Superintendent’s Honor Roll Award winner was also described by nominators as “a gem.” Often seen being pulled in many different directions, Megan Schoppe always keeps a calm and even tone. The nominators say they really don’t know how she does it!

Megan has been part of the North Penn family for 23 years. She works with administration, staff and students to advance the needs of our students. In fact, Megan continually puts the needs of staff and students above her own. So much so, it’s been said that her colleagues are certain she hasn’t taken a lunch in 20 years! Nominators noted that “you really need to see Meg in action, she is amazing!”

Megan is involved in the running of Unified Bocce, Unified Track and Special Olympics. She has also stepped up to help to support Knight School and is currently in pursuit of her principal certification. Her professional growth is evident in her ability to continually come up with new strategies and ideas to help to enhance programming and student interventions.

Megan has always been one of the people who works really well with the students that have unique and special needs. A colleague of Megan’s once overheard a student say to her, “You really do care. I’ve never had that before with people.”

Megan helped launch and continues to teach the Graduation Mentorship program at the high school. Through this program, Megan works with students who are having difficulty staying focused on their education. Many of these students are struggling with school and many distractions. Megan doesn't just dismiss these students, she works continually to help to keep them motivated, involved and engaged.

Megan is also a huge advocate for our students with cognitive and social skills needs. She has worked with others to help to develop our unified sports programs that have given students an opportunity to become more involved with other students and feel more a part of the school community at North Penn. As a result, the high school has gained recognition through Special Olympics. Through this recognition, North Penn is the focus of a Netflix documentary this year. In the meetings regarding the film, it has been clear that it will require a lot of Megan's time. Yet again, Megan put the needs of others before her own.

Megan is an incredible support to the staff at North Penn. When teachers have a difficult case or are in a tough situation, Megan is often the person to go to for advice. Staff are in and out of E112 on a regular basis to consult with Megan. One of her nominators noted a particularly difficult incident in which they were not sure how to handle. The teacher called Megan for advice and sure enough, Megan returned to school to help with the situation, even though she had left to take a half-day. She is constantly sacrificing her own time for others without complaint. It is no surprise that when North Penn needed to cover the open assistant principal position, Megan was called upon. She always steps up for North Penn to help where it is needed.

Photo of Megan Schoppe and Dr. Dietrich

Please join us in congratulating Michelle Darde and Megan Schoppe and thanking them for all that they do for North Penn!

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