Summer Speaker

Executive Function: How Teachers and Parents Can Support Struggling Students

Seth Perler

Thursday, July 16, 2020
7:00-8:30PM Online

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During this presentation, Seth guides parents and teachers on how to better meet the needs of students who struggle with executive function, including how to differentiate for giftedness.

Seth Perler is a nationally recognized Executive Function Coach who helps struggling, outside-the-box, atypical learners turn it around in a baffling system so they can launch a successful future. Seth helps complicated, neurodiverse learners who struggle with homework, grades, resistance, overwhelm, motivation, procrastination, underachievement, organization, focus, study skills and time management. These are Executive Function challenges that are often gravely misunderstood. His weekly blog reaches over 25,000 families worldwide and gives you game-changing answers in a sea of misguided educational fluff. Check it out at, and subscribe for his weekly freebies.