SchoolCafe & Menus

SchoolCafé provides a secure, online system for parents to:

  • Make payments to their student(s) cafeteria-meal account(s);
  • View school menus and menu item nutrition information
  • Review your student's buying history


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I add money/make a payment to my child's account?

You can continue to send money to school with your student or you

can add money through SchoolCafé. Please click on the following link for more information: in a new window

  • I made an online payment. When can my student use the payment?

Your student's cafeteria account at the school is credited within 24

hours but may become available as quickly as 2 hours.

  • Is there a fee or service charge for making online payments?

A convenience fee may be charged for each online payment

transaction. For example, if you make a $20.00 payment and the

convenience fee is $1.00, the total debited from your credit card is

$21.00. The available funds for your child will be $20.00.

Convenience fee amounts vary by school district.

  • Can I receive notification when my student's account balance is low?

Yes! Follow the steps in Set Up a Low Balance Alert .

  • Why was my account locked when making a payment?

After three failed payment attempts, payment function is locked.

Contact SchoolCafé to remove the lock.

  • What if I have several students in different schools?

Include as many students as you need in your account. The students

can attend any school within the same district. Payments for each

student are made separately.

  • Can I transfer money from one child to another?

Contact the Child Nutrition Services office at the school district for

assistance with a transfer.

  • What happens to the money in my account at the end of the school year?

Your account balance moves with your student(s) from grade to

grade and school to school within the district.

  • How do I receive a refund if my child changes school districts?

Contact the Child Nutrition Services office at the school district for assistance

with a refund.